Night photogrphy in Trevinca Range, March 2014


The last days 8th and 9nd of March, we went to Trevinca with some people of M. Celtas. There we were housed in O Trisquel with the dear hosts, Marcos and Cholo, whose ever help you to enjoy the stay in their lodging.

In that days the weather was crazy, with high temperatures, included at night when it never were down below cero degree. That was a good reason to explore the night photography. Pit and me went to a beautiful flat place where there are big old rounded rocks. After taking some photographs with him above the stone, playing with the light, we left the camera taking the photos all night (more than 500 hundred raw photos). The problem was the moon, which increase the light of the night sky, and the exposure is more complicated to make. But, at the end I´m quite happy with the result. To watch the gallery click HERE. Or click on the photograph above.




Night photos in Galiñeiro (2nd part) 24th November 2013

This´s the second (and last) part of the photographs made in the night trip to Galiñeiro (Monte Galiñeiro). In this case the lense used was a 14mm (a very wide angle lense). I was waiting for a long time with the intervalómeter switch on to take the 521 photos from the 19:02 to 23:02 (4 hours). Then I was processing the photographs in camera raw. And at the end merge together in photoshop where I needed to make a last layer for the land, because there was some imperfections in the ground (hill, road lights, city lights and contrast of the hills). You can see the differences, from the original to the resulting final image. It´s a hard work, a part of the time to take all the photos, indeed. You can see all the photos in the galleries.

Now I need a rest for any time to don´t loose my eyes on it.


Night photos in the Galiñeiro Summit (Part I) November 24th, 2013

This´s a part of all the photos took two days ago in the Galiñeiro´s summit of 711m above the sea level (that is very close). In this case they are 285 photos by a 2hours of time of “exposure”. We need to understand that to do starts trails for a long time is better take a lot of photographs with a exposure of 20-30 seconds, more or less and merge in the computer. Other problem is the difficult to make the exposure with all the lights of the cities and villages around the Galiñeiro “mountain” (for me it´s). This day I arrived to the place with enough time to be ready just in time. I had the oportunity to see a beautifull sunset from a amzing place like is the Summit of Galiñeiro, where the climbers likes to practice their beautifull sport with the sun on the back side, heating the rock.

But when the sun disappeared, the darkness and the frozen wind came from the North, and the temperature went down to be close to cero. In the summit the wind was very hard and I needed to went down to the West side of the mountain to protect my self of the cold wind. Other problem is the position of the tripod with camera, that´s very dangerous in this windy days…

At the end… Now we have all the photos and we need to merge all to make the Starts trails. Hard work with the computer, but at the end we can see the result photo and it´s in this moment when your face draws and smile from ear to ear. The technical specifications is the same that other times: High iso, long exposure (20-30 seconds), and intervalometer to left the camera taking photographs for a long time.

To see the gallery with all the photos clic on