Autunm is here and nobody knows how it has happened

Clouds, clouds and more clouds again

This is the sky of our weekend

When you see the Sun you need to half closed your eyes

And everyone see that the Summer ends

Now you can say:  Autumn is here with clouds and rain!

Beautiful days when the trees lose their leaves.  You can walk dancing with them in the park or in the woods, but the trees are going nude and the forest floor is covered of warm colors, like the Rainbow after a storm.


Fotos V Trail Río da Fraga 2015

V Trail Fraga´s River photos. Trail included in the Galicia Máxica Trail Adventure. With more than six hundred trail runners is consolidated like one of the most famous trail events included in the galician calendar, but there are people coming from other parts of Spain, and Portugal also. If you want to see the photographs of the Tral click HERE or on the photo above.

  Fotos do V Trail Río da Fraga 2015 celebrada en Moaña. Proba que pertence a Galicia Máxica Trail Adventure. Con mais de 600 participantes se consolida como unha das probas mais populares do calendario galego, pero que tamén atrae a participantes de outras partes de España e incluso Portugal. Para ver as fotos clicar EIQUI ou na foto.

Night photogrphy in Trevinca Range, March 2014


The last days 8th and 9nd of March, we went to Trevinca with some people of M. Celtas. There we were housed in O Trisquel with the dear hosts, Marcos and Cholo, whose ever help you to enjoy the stay in their lodging.

In that days the weather was crazy, with high temperatures, included at night when it never were down below cero degree. That was a good reason to explore the night photography. Pit and me went to a beautiful flat place where there are big old rounded rocks. After taking some photographs with him above the stone, playing with the light, we left the camera taking the photos all night (more than 500 hundred raw photos). The problem was the moon, which increase the light of the night sky, and the exposure is more complicated to make. But, at the end I´m quite happy with the result. To watch the gallery click HERE. Or click on the photograph above.