Winter Mountain in Pena Trevinca, December 2013

A very interesting winter weekend enjoying the snow and the mountains with the people of Club M. Celtas. Two days where the snow was the protagonist in Vilanova, small village located near of the 1200m above the sea level in the south-east of Galicia. More exactly in the mountain lodge O Trisquel. From there we climbed to Pena Trevinca summit 2127m with a nice weather and snow, although the first hours were cloudy and we clould´nt see the Sun, while we were going up by the way close to the Maluro summit 1934m.  Soon we pass the clouds level and through the lombo Roncín range with the beautiful views of Meladas and Xares valleys. When we arrived to the upper part of Sestil, the snow was harder and was easy to walk above it. Then we went down to the source of river Xares. There, walking was more difficult because the depth of the snow was heigh. But the summit was close and a few minutes later, we were arriving to Pena Trevinca summit with a beautiful sky, although the weather was changing worse. So we took a fast lunch and a photo of all with the east landscape. A slow, soft & big cloud was walking like a cat, slowly, going up and covering it all… We crossed it slowly. We semed ghost, dancing in the cold air. But it was a beautiful sensation… The last part was going down by the Meladas way, and in the last part there was a lush vegetation that we needed to cross getting wet clothes. After this place we took the last track that leads to Vilanova, the end of our route.

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Photos VIII Up to Castro Hill, Vigo 2013

The last Sunday we were taking photographs in this wonderfull event that is the VIII Up to Castro Hill, in Vigo city. The weather was perfect for this kind of sport where the people had to run from the sea level, in “El Naútico” crossing the down town and climbing to the summit of this beautifull hill where you can see a nice views of the “Ría de Vigo” and around the city. The event was organized by Singletrack Outdoor Sports , timing by Magma Sports & Timing and with the arrangement of Team Relay. With near of 500 runners, the event was a nice joint of sport and playful. And you could find persons of all ages, running for win or only for enjoy of a nice journey at the weekend. If you want to see all the photos you can click on the photo or in



Fotos Enduro das Bestas, Cto. Galego de Enduro 2013

Esta é a primeira vez que se celebra un Campionato de Galicia de Enduro. E o lugar elexido foi Baiona, ainda que os tramos percorrían a Serra da Groba. A proba estivo organizada por Single Track e cronometrada por Magma Sports & Timing (onde podedes ver os resultados da proba). Contou coa participación de case 130 competidores que tiveron que demostrar as suas habilidades e resistencia física nos 4 tramos cronometrados. Para máis información ir a páxina MBike Tv

En canto as fotos da proba: Están divididas en varias galerías. Podedes buscalas polo número de dorsal e so tedes que facer clic na foto ou ir o enlace